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Nutrition Consulting

Up-to-date information on the latest in nutrition research

Personalized Gut Healing Guidance

Orthomolecular Holistic Nutrition

A personalized science-based nutrition and metabolic assessment and healing protocol that addresses the whole person’s biochemical needs, not just isolated symptoms.

Personalized Meal Planning Membership

Meal plans, nutrition info, recipes, shopping lists


Nutrition Consulting

These sessions allow clients to get basic information about nutrition, the pros and cons of specific diets, and if desired, get general advice on how best to adhere to a specific diet (ie Paleo, Vegetarian). If you just have a few questions or just want to make sense of all the contradictory information you’ve read on the internet, this service is for you.

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Personalized Gut Healing Guidance

Because Emilie’s specialty is gut healing, she has designed this service for those in need of more serious gut healing protocols. Whether you have IBS, SIBO, Candida, Leaky Gut, Autoimmune Disease, or you’ve just been struggling with mysterious chronic health issues, your healing journey is best started in the gut.

Gut healing tends to take time, and there isn’t any one answer that works for everyone, which is why this is a more long-term, in-depth, personalized program. After getting a detailed account of your personal and medical history, Emilie will assess where you may have any nutritional and/or metabolic imbalances, and will design a protocol strategy specific to your needs and goals, including supplement, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations.

Because this is a more long-term program, Emilie will make recommendations for regular 30 minute support sessions to ensure that you always feel supported. Emilie will go over any adjustments that need to be made in the healing approach.

This service also includes a one-week example meal plan with recipes, designed to help you learn how to plan your meals and snacks each week on your own. Any time a major change in diet or healing approach is made, you will receive a new example meal plan. For those who need it, the option of also signing up for the meal planning membership is available.

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Meal Planning Membership

This service includes monthly meal plans, designed with your specific needs in mind. Each month you will receive a new meal plan with nutritional info, recipes, and a shopping list. You have the option of choosing how many servings you would like your recipes to cater to, and whether you would like extra leftovers for freezing. It is recommended that you meet with Emilie for a 30 minute follow up session each month to go over any adjustments you would like to make. Perhaps you discovered you absolutely hate eggplant and would like to stop receiving recipes with eggplant in them. Maybe you realized you have an allergy to eggs and need to start receiving egg-free recipes. Or maybe you decided to do a month long plant-based challenge with a friend and need to receive only vegetarian and vegan recipes that month.

Because this is a membership, you can expect to receive a new meal plan every month, even if you haven’t met with Emilie to go over changes. In the absence of follow-up appointments, it will be assumed that you are happy with the service as is and you will automatically receive your monthly meal plans until you choose to cancel your membership.

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Once you have completed your consultation with Emilie, you may begin your membership.

You will automatically be billed every month from the date you start your subscription. You may unsubscribe at any time. No refunds after monthly payment has posted.

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About Emilie

Emilie Delworth received her Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (DHN) in 2017 from Edison Institute of Nutrition after years of working and studying in the Early Childhood Development realm. She chose Edison Institute due to the curriculum’s focus on addressing chronic health issues like gut disorders, food sensitivities, and autoimmune disease. Emilie specializes in gut healing.

Emilie’s passion for Holistic Nutrition grew out of her own experience with chronic health issues. Years of searching in vain for answers from doctor after doctor left her feeling all but abandoned by the medical system. Eventually Emilie took her health into her own hands and found healing through diet changes and gut healing protocols. During her healing journey she received an outpouring of calls and emails from loved ones who had been struggling in silence with their own digestive issues and chronic health issues, looking for advice on how they, too, could find healing. This opened Emilie’s mind to the epidemic of gut disorders in the US and her passion to learn more grew from there. Her decision to go back to school and pursue a career in Nutrition came after the loss of a loved one; an experience that served as a soul-shaking wake-up call for Emilie.

Coaching and empowering others through their own healing journeys has become one of Emilie’s greatest sources of joy and passion.